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Update: 5th Feb For all of us here in the UK, it's LOST Day! Can't wait to watch it in HD for the first time.

Update: 22:20 Lost is now trending on Twitter :)

Carry on the good work.

Lost Season 6 Premiere Tonight #lost - Let's get it trending! http://bit.ly/byfYPJ

Well then, another Hiatus has been and gone and despite the long wait we seem to have come through the other side intact. However, in a few months, we will face our longest Hiatus yet... the end of LOST.

I just wanted to say thanks first and foremost to everyone of you who visits us here at DarkUFO and for all your comments, votes, submissions, theories, polls, fan fiction and scoops, without which the site would not be what it is today.We've just passed 120 Million Page hits for the site. All your contributions have made the long Hiatus a little less painful.

I'd also like to thank all the background staff here at DarkUFO from our posters like The ODI and B3RT4 who do a great job keeping the site running whilst I take a few days off and whilst I'm asleep. Thank you my friends, you've kept me sane!

Also massive thanks to PandaVamp for helping me run the polls. G-Man for his work on the excellent Character Cup and Fantasy League, Dharmageddon for the Iconic Image Cup, CJ Sonic for Lost Numbers game, Dreysbo and The Strog for the excellent Hiatus Rewatch.

Also a big thanks to our excellent team over in the Forums who have helped build up IMHO the best Lost Forum bar none. They have helped it grow to over 12,000 Members and over 360,000 posts. So thanks to Dharmageddon, Pete, Maqrkk, CJ Sonic, Adam, Bella, The Strog, Dreysbo, Joshjb, julietislost55, Bella, PenguinJosh, iceman815, Finli and Sandi. Also to bauerUK and congested for their great work on the CHAT room. If I have forgotten anyone I'm deeply sorry but as you can see there are so many to thank!

Oh, and seeing how it's Premiere night, lets see if we can get Lost Trending on Twitter. Make sure you add a #lost to all your tweets or simply paste this into your Twitter.

Lost Season 6 Premiere Tonight #lost - Let's get it trending! http://bit.ly/byfYPJ

Anywhoo, if any of you are still listening I thought I'd remind you about what we have in store for you over the coming Season.

Following each episode we will have
- All your favorite recappers, Vozzek69, Anna, Erika, and Luhks, will be back to share their unique insights into the episode. We also have a new recapper that will hopefully be joining the team.
- Our Episode Polls will help track your opinions on each episode so that we can rank them throughout the season and see where they rate against other previous episodes and seasons
- The Spoilers section will have the latest Promo's for the following episode along with sneak peeks and screencaps
- The Mysteries section will be updated with any new outstanding questions that no doubt will arise and the Answers section for any that are answered.. hopefully a LOT!
- Screencaps and Easter Eggs from the Episode for you to investigate
- Ratings news and numbers
- More user generated polls, theories and Fan Fiction
- Detailed Post Episode Discussions in the Forums
- Podcasts and Vodcasts from Damon and Carlton
- Spotting any continuity errors
- Details on any Books and/or Audio/Music from the Episode
- Updated Fantasy, Predication and Numbers games tables/stats and points.
- And don't forget to follow us on Twitter.

Also during each episode you will be able to Chat online with other Lost fans whilst the episode airs. Last year we had a peak of 561 users chatting during the finale as events unfolded. A great way to interact with other fans or just to watch/see peoples reactions.

So in summary, enjoy the premiere tonight and make sure you stick around for all the excellent content that we hope to bring you throughout this final season of Lost. Here's to a great Final Season here at DarkUFO. And remember to Help Us Help You.

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