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Happy LOST Day All!

Last week's episode 6x04 The Substitute the Locke Centric episode provided us with a big reveal of the Candidate Cave and many other moments with both MiB as Locke and the Alt-Timeline Locke.

We discussed the action at the Candidate Cave with MiB and Sawyer quite a bit but also provide you with our thoughts with who we think the mysterious blond boy is, the happier Alt-Locke who has accepted his potential destiny of being in a wheelchair and much more!

As always there is a preview of the upcoming episode and a round-up the recent spoilers that were revealed over the last week.

The podcast was posted on iTunes earlier today. So don't forget to subscribe to iTunes, but for those of you that do not use iTunes below is a link to the audio player and download link.

NOTE: Preview for Episode 6x05 and Spoilers begin at 128 Minute mark



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