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Update: 19:45 Thanks to Pavan for the heads up.

LOST: The Series Finale Event

Sunday, May 23, 2010
8:00pm "Lost: Recap Special” (working title)
9:00-11:00pm "LOST: The Finale" (Two-Hour Series Finale)

Both Damon and Carlton made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel after the show tonight and while they were on the show they announced that the Series (Season 6) Finale is confirmed for May 23rd!

So mark your calendars now!

Not sure why it is moved to Sunday, but interesting that they picked one of the numbers. ;)

Also, looking at the calendar and if I count right and there are no breaks then there is NO episode for Tuesday May 18th OR there will be a one week break at some point. Maybe May 18th will be a special recap or something else scheduled.

There was a funny moment where Carlton said that John Locke is the Smoke Monster and most of the LA crowd which had not seen the episode yet freaked out because they were spoiled. Oops!

Also Jimmy did a funny little skit where he was a part of LOST again.

Source: The ODI

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