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Update: 4th March The latest shirts will at last be on their way to people who had pre-ordered as of Today. They'll be available through the site at some point over the weekend.

The Blast Door Map shirt, which people keep asking about, will make an appearance at some point in the next few weeks.

A few weeks ago we ran a poll with our good friends at http://www.wakeuptimetodie.co.uk/ to see which batch of T-Shirts people would like to see made. The first 3 were released here a while ago, and now we have the final 3 designs.

These are available to PRE-ORDER here.

We've added THREE MORE Lost inspired t-shirts to our range, and as before they are currently available for PRE-ORDER ONLY. I can't stress that enough - pre-order, pre-order, pre-order. The shirts aren't in stock yet, and they won't be until we have enough pre-orders. If you order one now you'll guarantee yourself a shirt, but you won't receive it until they're in stock, which will be around the beginning of March.

Last time around we had a fantastic response, but we also had quite a few people asking where their shirts were just a couple of days after pre-ordering them, regardless of how much information we had on the site. We'll of course keep DarkUFO updated just as before, and hopefully you'll all be as pleased with these as you were with the others.

All three designs are available in Men's sizes Small to XXL, and ladyfit sizes Small - XL.

Enter the discount code 'DARKLOST10' (all caps) at the checkout and get 10% off your order. We'll also be running another competition after the pre-order stage where you can win one of the shirts.

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