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With the series finale about to start filming, we've decided that we're putting DarkUFO into LOCKDOWN to do our best to protect all our readers from any spoilers on the site in the non-Spoiler sections. Ok, so what does this mean.

1) Only people with registered accounts will be able to leave comments. Guest commenting will be slowly switched off during the course of the day.
2) Anyone posting spoilers outside of the spoiler/rumour sections will be Banned. There will be a ZERO Tolerance policy on this. This includes discussion of Promo's, Sneak Peeks, Episode Titles, Centricity, Casting, Filming reports etc
3) All Finale Spoilers will additionally be placed behind "Are You Sure" buttons and you can only discuss finale spoilers on the Finale Threads. Anyone caught posting finale spoilers in other non-finale spoiler threads will also be banned.
4) If you see a spoiler posted outside of the spoiler/rumour sections, click on the FLAG Link under the post to alert me. DO NOT REPLY to it.

In order to comment you will need one of these accounts. All of them are free to register, so if you don't already have an account I suggest you sign up now.

I hope you understand our decision and that those who wish to remain totally spoiler free can do so, and those who just wish to remain Finale spoiler free can still enjoy the spoiler section.

Also, make sure that the other sites you visit have good moderation and a lockdown policy to avoid being shotgun spoiled.

We welcome relevant, respectful comments.
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