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Remember when we thought Barack Obama's State of the Union Address was going to push back the premier of Lost? As soon as we found out it was a possibility, I made plans to score the SotUA using our rule book. Obama shied away from February 2nd but I didn't shy away from scoring the State of the Union Dress! Check out below for our Special Edition Lost Fantasy Update section just for kicks and grins.

Now back to business- today we're looking at Group 2. This turned out to be the most evenly spread group in the entire Lost Fantasy League! Each of these five characters nabbed double-digit selection percentages. This tells me that we did a very good job setting this group up.

Those of you who disliked my views on Smokey might want to get ready for Round 2 of that fight. Group 2 is very much up in the air because all five of these characters have the potential to have a big year. The question is, who is going to have the biggest year?

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