DarkUFO - Lost

As the season is almost upon us, I thought it would be a good time to post this.

If you are currently following DarkUFO on Twitter and are not going to watch LOST until a time other than when it airs in the USA, then I strongly suggest that you UNFOLLOW us until you have seen the episode yourself. This will be because after the episode has aired in the USA our tweets will contain info etc pertaining to that episode.

In fact, if your not watching it live then I suggest you don't go on twitter at all as I'm sure the twitterverse will be full of tweets from people discussing the show etc. or better still stay of the Internet if you're worried about spoilers.

As soon as you've seen the episode yourself feel free to re-follow us :)

I just don't want 100's of emails from people complaining about our Tweets :)

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