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Update: 5th Jan 21:00The spoiler section is now migrated and we are just finishing off pulling in the remaining old comments in the Theories section.

Update: 5th Jan 17:10 All sections, with the exception of Spoilers have now been upgraded. We're currently importing the Theory Section comments in and that should be completed within a couple of hours. Once done the Spoilers section will then be migrated. Note this is the same comments system that we use on SpoilerTV and Movies so your ID's will work on those as well as the 1000's of other blogs that use Disqus.

If you want to use your Google Account/Gmail use this as your OpenID
http://openid-provider.appspot.com/myemail@googlemail.com (obviously change the myemail part to your actual address)

Update: 5th Jan 14:20 Most parts of the site are now using the new comments system. It will take a while for some of the old comments to be migrated and there are a few quirks that I'm ironing out. The only part of the site still using the old comments is the Spoilers section which will be upgraded next. Any problems feel free to email me or leave a comment below.

Update: 5th Jan 09:00 Based on all the feedback and info we will be going ahead and migrating to the new comments system. For those of you without Twitter/OpenID or Facebook accounts you can get a free Disqus account along with an avatar etc here to prepare or create one later when the comments system is live.

There may be some disruption whilst we migrate over.

We've recently installed a new comment system on the SpoilerTV part of the site. The new system allows you to comment using a number of mainstream accounts and ID's. You can now leave a comment using any one of the following as well as having avatars, Private Messages, Karma Scoring, Replies etc. It also allows us to have have better moderation and spam protection as well as provide a widget in the sidebar for Recent Comments, Popular Posts and Top Commentators.


Now before we even consider migrating the current comments system over here at DarkUFO I would like to get your opinion on the new system as it's a lot of work to migrate and I need to see if it's really worth it considering we have just 1 season left.

Feel free to try the new comments system below and let me know of any bugs etc.

We welcome relevant, respectful comments.
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