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Update: 22:30 Here is the official message from the Lost University site.

Breaking News: Tutoring Center Security Breach
After a last minute schedule change several weeks ago, more odd occurrences have been taking place at the LOST University Tutoring Center. Tutoring Session #4 titled "Zoolology: Native (and not so native) Island Wildlife" was intended to be posted today, however, when LOST U students selected the video they were treated to a Mr. Cluck's Chicken Shack Commercial. According to Professor Adam Nussdorf of the Department of Media Studies and Online Education, "The goal of this session was to enlighten and educate students on the various animals featured on LOST, not to just to merely enlighten and educate on the deliciousness of one specific fried animal."

Source: ABC

Update: 16:00 This was supposed to be a new Lost University Video but it seems there is a problem so we've renamed the article :) Thanks Joseph for the suggestion!
Update: 14:55 Looks like ABC uploaded the wrong video to their LU site. Hopefully we'll get the correct video shortly.

Thanks to Jenette for the heads up.

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