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Okay, so I live in Canada, and we have a station called Space, which is kind of like The Sy Fy Channel, but it broadcasts American shows days or even weeks after the American Broadcast.
Well last night (Wednesday January 27) I was watching the new episode of Supernatural, which already aired last Thursday on The CW.
Well, to my grateful surprise, when it went to commercial break, I saw the Awesome Cuatro Chessboard promo, BUT with the narration of the poem (altered) done by none other then Locke himself, Terry O'Quinn.

Unfortunately, I don't own a DVR, so I couldn't share it with the rest of you LOST fans, but I figured that I need to get it to you guys somehow.
So tonight, during Space's broadcast of the Caprica Pilot, I figure they had to play that commercial again, so I decided to record it with my camera.

Firstly, I apologize for not recording the commercial right from the start, and for the out of focus.
I was distracted when the commercial started, so I didn't let the camera properly focus before I hit record.

Secondly, I will try again later, and hopefully I'll get a better quality version, but to any Canadian LOST fans out there that may have DVR'ed last nights episode of Supernatural, or tonight's Caprica episode, please, PLEASE, upload this commercial, my poor camera skills don't do the awesome-ness of probably the best LOST promo ever made any justice.

For those who may not be able to hear the narration, this is what Locke says:

"Says the wise man, life is a chessboard of nights and days.
Where God, using men as his pawns, plays.
Hither and thither moves, and checkmate, and slays.
And one by one, he places them back in the box.
For each pawn has its fate, as does each player, as does God.
Fate will be met."

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