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Thanks to LOST Blogger Jopinionated who just tweeted a cool shot from her hotel room of the beach where the Sunset on the Beach Premiere will take place on Saturday.

Looks like they are setting up the stage already!

Follow @Jopinionated, fellow ODI Podcater @KarensLostNotes and LOST Blogger @ErikaOlsen for SPOILER-FREE coverage of the whole event via Twitter.

I am very happy for them and all the other Losties that have made the trip or on the way there, but I must say I am quite jealous! :)

Have fun!

NOTE: In the spoilers section here on DarkUFO and on my site at The ODI we will post a Twiter Widget that will feed in Tweets from several fans including some media members about the events during the weekend. Many have said they will not Tweet spoilers, but some might so you want to be careful.

Image Source: Jopinionated - http://img49.yfrog.com/i/hh1h.jpg/
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