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Update: 27th April Vozzek has kindly allowed us to post a Chapter of his book for those that still might be considering purchasing it.

Update: 3rd Jan 18:00 Here is a new Review from DarkUFO regular Ricky.

Update: 3rd Jan 15:15 We're just starting to get some reviews in for Vozzek's book. As I get/find more I'll add them here. Also you can enter here to win a copy of the book (NOTE: This competition is now closed). Also EW's Doc Jensen featured Vozzek in his recent article here.

As we teased a short while ago, Vozzek, our resident and popular Lost Recapper and theorist has finally gotten of his ass after much prompting and written a book. I suspect this will be one of the must have books for Lost fans every where.

To go along with the book he has created a new website here: http://www.thingsinoticed.com/ which he hopes to update pretty regularly with thoughts, scene analysis, humor, and other stuff throughout the coming season...

You can also purchase the book through the above site and anyone who does, will, if they want, get it autographed.

You can also purchase through Amazon if you prefer here.

I've already ordered my copy!

For those new to Vozzek and his writing style, you can see his previous posts here.

You can also follow Vozzek on Twitter

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