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Congratulations to yesterday's winners.

We're just over half way through Round 1 now. Proceeding to Round 2, so far, are: Radzinsky's Blast Door Map, Four Toed Statue, Ancient Hieroglyphic Door, Yellow Nigerian Plane, Ajira Plane, the Cabin Chair, Frozen Donkey Wheel, Submarine, Charlie's FATE, Apollo Chocolate Bar, the Black Rock, Swan Station Computer Terminal, Desmond's Hazmat Suit, the Hatch Door, the Sonic Fence, Locke's Compass, Danielle's Map of Island, Ben's Ninja Baton, Sawyer's Letter, Locke's Drawing of Monster, Locke's Orange Peel, the Mural of Smokey & Anubis, the Black & White Stones, and Jacob's Tapestry.

Not a bad line up so far! Let us continue with the remainder of round 1.

As always, feel free to comment via the blog, and you can also partake in a more in-depth discussion via the forum - Prop Cup 2009 Discussion Thread

Match 13:
Jacob's fiery pit, which incidentally turned out to be his final(?) resting place, goes up against the infamous "Jughead", the red toolbox that knocked Jack out, Desmond's life-saving miracle milk. the Geronimo Jackson poster seen in the Dharma cafe, and rounded off with Helen's final resting place.

Match 14:
Sun's wedding ring once saw the limelight, and so too does Jin's wedding ring in Season 5. It goes up against Hurley's prison jumpsuit, 'the' black and white shirts, Juliet's cataclysmic rock, old fan favourite Charlie's guitar, and finally the flaming arrows. There's your fire, Frogurt.

Which props will you vote for today?

Please note: Round 1 polls are multiple choice, meaning that you may vote for more than one prop in each poll. Two props will proceed from each Round 1 poll.

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