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A while ago I was contacted by Jamie from http://www.wakeuptimetodie.co.uk/ who are planning to produce a series of Lost inspired T-Shirts. Being fans of DarkUFO they decided that they would let DarkUFO readers decide which of the T-Shirts to make.

Below is a poll that allows you to pick up to 4 T-shirts that you would like to see designed. Pick the ones you think would be cool and then later in December we will announce which 4 T-Shirts they will be making.

Once the t-shirts have been designed and made we will showcase them here as well as providing links for you to purchase the t-shirts. We will also be holding an exclusive giveaway to a number of our readers via a competition to win some of these great t-shirts. There will be 3 of each to be won.

So for now vote for the ones that you would like to see designed and let us know in the comments which ones you picked and what you would like to see on the designs for the ones you've picked.

Here is a little blurb from Jamie directly.

well we're just massive geeks really. Love all our old school retro movies, sci-fi, etc. but at the same time nothing comes close to how awesome LOST is, so the decision was taken by myself to add some LOST inspired shirts to the range. One of us doesn't even like the show, and he says he's "watched the first two episodes and couldn't be bothered after that". I mean.....what the f**k? How?! I've tried my best to tell him what an idiot he's being, but there's just no swaying the bloke. He's missing out on the greatest TV of all time and doesn't even know it. Such a shame. Anyway, I get the final say, so that's what we're doing. We might even make the shirts accessible through punching in the numbers and hitting 'execute' if I get my way! The shirts will be available in Small to XL sizes in men's sizes, unless there is a call for ladyfit and XXL sizes too. We'll make them in either full colour or one colour, depending on what works best for each design.

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