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Sayid and Juliet emerge triumphant! It looks like we might finally be getting down to some closer matchups. Here's how it all worked out:

Sayid 57% - Charlie 43%
Juliet 65% - Eko 35%

Here's a funny little fact for you- Neither Charlie nor Sayid were among the top 8 characters predicted to win in Round 3! Charlie came in at #9 with 34.2% of the brackets supporting him. Jacob (who was defeated by Charlie) was #10 with 30.5% of all brackets supporting him. Sayid was #11, with an even 30% of bracketeers favoring him. So, not only is Sayid's victory over Charlie a statistical upset because Charlie had more brackets supporting him, but it's also an upset to the whole system! Crazy times indeed.

Juliet vs. Eko was a different story. Juliet was predicted to win in 74.9% of the brackets. Eko picked up only 14.7% support.

So now we are down to just two perfect brackets! Congratulations to Sean "Luhks" Luhks and VV "VVMini" Mini for making it this far with their picks. The question remains- will either of them be able to keep their streak going? Today's matchups aren't likely to cause any extra drama for these lucky two but maybe the rest of Round 3 will.

Our first battle pits a brilliant but dangerous man against an intelligent and dangerous being. They've interacted before on the show. One was summoned by the other in Season 4 while the summoner was spared by the summoned in Season 5. Will you vote for the man of many lies or the column of smoke capable of learning your lies.

The second duel pits an original Lostie against a member of the Freighter Four. Our Lostie friend has yet to leave the Island while the Freighter man has now come to the Island twice. One was seen alive at the end of Season 5 while the others fate has been left up in the air. Will you vote for the reformed con man or the reformed alcoholic?

Match #3: Ben vs. Smokey

Match #4: Sawyer vs. Frank

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