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Friday delivered two utter blow-outs. Here's the results:

Ben 86% - Smokey 14%
Sawyer 86% - Frank 14%

They both won by the same margin and their support in the brackets was pretty close too! Ben was predicted to win in 92.4% of the brackets with Smokey appearing on 5.2%. Sawyer was the overwhelming favorite with 96.2% of bracketeer support. Frank only managed to pick up 1.6%.

This means that we've still got two contestants with a prefect bracket and the rest of us are still having fun with the game. Will today be the great equalizer?

The first match of the day involves the other two women left in the Character Cup. Both are original Losties and both have proven themselves to be tough cookies. Before the crash, one was a prisoner and the other an unhappy wife. They were both part of the Oceanic 6 and returned to the Island on Ajira 316. One ended up back in the DHARMA days and is looking for one of her Lostie peers. The other landed in the present day and is looking for her husband. Who will you vote for- Kate or Sun?

Our second bout is between two very lovable characters. One is an original Lostie while the other came on the scene during Season 2 and really came into his own during Season 3. Both have lived tortured lives. One spent time in a mental hospital for emotional and psychological reasons. The other was trapped on the Island and isolated from the woman he loved for several years. One could see the future at times and the other seems capable of communicating with the dead. Desmond or Hurley- who's it going to be?

Match #5: Sun vs. Kate

Match #6: Desmond vs. Hurley

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