DarkUFO - Lost

Okay, so yesterday's matchups weren't all that terribly exciting. These things have a way of happening sometimes. :-p

Locke 96% - Bram 4%
Juliet 86% - Eloise 14%

Locke was predicted to win in 99% of all bracketeers. Bram did get some love though, being predicted to win in 0.7% of the brackets. Juliet was predicted to win in 91.8% of all brackets, leaving Eloise in the cold with just 7.4% confidence in her. What will the percentages look like today?

Our second day of Round 2 action could end up being a repeat but there is room for a little excitement along the way.

Our first matchup sees two mothers going at it. One has been to the Island while the other has merely heard of it. Who will win this international battle between Sun and Carmen?

The second fight on the card today could be an upset special if hater nation pulls out all the stops. Two season 1 vets enter the ring as the doctor takes on the lifeguard. Will the haters prevail and end Jack's run early or will Boone get sent back to the graveyard?

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