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Hey hey, what do you say! For the first time since the Character Cup began last week, the number of perfect brackets remains the same! Yesterday's matches were all runaway victories. Here's the results:

Rose 91% - Paulo 9%
Libby 86% - Nikki 14%
Walt 81% - David 19%
Jacob 92% - Ilana 8%

There's just 8 more matchups in Round 1. How many perfect brackets will survive? All this talk of brackets isn't really as important as it sounds though. It's just an extra bit of fun. In fact, the whole Character Cup is about having fun. So let's have some more fun and weed out some more classic Lost characters!

Our first matchup features a powerful man going up against a powerful Island being. The second battle pits a Lostie against an Other. Match number three is a Lostie vs. Freighter slugfest. Our final bout of the day is between two lovely ladies.

Who's going to win today?

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