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A delayed congratulations go out to our final Round 1 winners. Here's how Friday's polls ended up:

Vincent 62% - Shannon 38%
Radzinsky 61% - Cassidy 39%
Eko 80% - Bernard 20%
Penny 61% - Pierre 39%

As you can see these matches were a little closer than some of the other Round 1 melees. Perhaps it is a sign of things to come? We're about to find out!

After 92,902 votes cast during Round 1, we enter the Round of 32. The field has been cut in half but that's not good enough; we're looking for just one character to win it all. Starting this round we're scaling it back to two matches a day.

Our first bout in Round 2 pits an original Lostie against one of the new kids on the block. It's the dead versus the living as the real John Locke takes on the mysterious Bram.

The second matchup sees two of Lost's most intriguing female characters going at it. One is uncertain how future events will unfold while it is uncertain if her opponent even has a future on the show! Mysteries abound as Eloise Hawking steps into the ring with Juliet.

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