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Update: 2nd Sept Only a few more hours to go. Dawgsled has also kindly added a $100 Prize for anyone who gets a perfect bracket!

Update: Only a few more days left to get your predications in. There are still 500+ brackets that have not yet been full completed. Make sure you Bracket is completely filled out!
Update: 23rd August 1900 Signups, 1337 Completed Brackets. 563 of you will be disappointed if you don't fully complete your bracket. Make sure you're not one of them :)
Update: 10th August 1750 Signups, 1150 Completed Brackets. This means 600 of you have not fully completed your brackets.
Update: 5th August 1692 Signups, 1086 Completed Brackets.
Update: 3rd August 1642 Signups, 1030 Completed Brackets.
Update: 30th June We already have 1500+ signups, just over a month to get your picks in, although only 880 of you have completed your brackets. Make sure you fill out your complete bracket.

That's right Lost fans! The Episode Cup is in full swing which can only mean one thing- the 2009 Character Cup is just around the corner!

In 2007, John Locke stole the show. In 2008, Desmond Hume reigned supreme. Who will take home the glory in 2009? It's up to you! Every year, the Character Cup takes 64 of the most popular characters from Lost and pits them against each other in a single-elimination tournament unlike any other!

Will the Jack Attack hold off the competition? Will this finally be the Year of Sawyer? Or will Benjamin Linus get his comeuppance? Or perhaps someone entirely different will win it all this year. It's impossible to know for certain.

Once again we're running a bracket contest. The matches have already been set and you can try your hand at predicting how the tournament will unfold. Each correct pick earns you points and the bracket with the most points at the end of the tourney will win Season 5 on DVD! Sign up for the bracket competition here and stay tuned for what will surely be another epic battle between our favorite Losties!

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