DarkUFO - Lost

Congratulations to both Man of Science, Man of Faith and Live Together, Die Alone for progressing into Round 3 of the Episode Cup and for really shaking up the brackets as a very large % of people had LaFleur to progress to Round 3 and quite a number a bit further.

Man of Science, Man of Faith 1282 56% (40.7%)
LaFleur 1014 44% (57.3%)

Live Together, Die Alone 1994 90% (79%)
Raised by Another 219 10% (3.9%)

The last of the perfect brackets is now gone and we now have a 3 way tie for top spot. How is your bracket fairing? How are your picks looking after today's polls. I suspect there will be a further shakeup in the brackets as looking at the picks one of today's matches should be fairly close. View Latest Brackets

As always let us know in the comments who you voted for and why.

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