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Update: Note: No Polls will be posted over the weekend as I'm away but the polls will be closed after roughly 24hrs

Here are Yesterdays results and as you can see we had 4 very one-sided affairs

Live Together, Die Alone 1029 83% (83%)
Deus Ex Machina 210 17% (17%)

Raised by Another 1038 85% (85.5%)
Eggtown 186 15% (14.5%)

LaFleur 1146 92% (96.1%)
The Little Prince 94 8% (3.9%)

Man of Science, Man of Faith 1154 92% (96.2%)
Par Avion 99 8% (3.8%)

We've updated the bracket software and the current results are now posted here. 238 out of 1168 people have got all 8 predictions correct so far. I'm currently still 8 from 8. How did you do? and do you think you'll do today? There should be a big drop off in perfect brackets today as there is one very close match up!

Today sees four more match-ups, who will your vote for and why. Let us know in the comments and follow it in our Official Discussion Thread.

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