DarkUFO - Lost

Here are Yesterdays Poll results and as you can see we had 4 pretty one-sided affairs.

Exodus 1206 91% (95.2%)
White Rabbit 120 9% (4.8%)

Whatever Happened, Happened 1074 82% (85.5%)
Whatever the Case May Be 243 18% (14.5%)

Cabin Fever 1105 83% (91.8%)
The Hunting Party 219 17% (8.2%)

All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues 817 63% (61.5%)
Do No Harm 482 37% (38.5%)

We've updated the bracket software and the current results are now posted here. Only 44 out of 1168 people have got all 16 predictions correct so far. How did you do? and how do you think you'll do today?

Today sees four more match-ups with one of them looking at the % of bracket picks could be a very close one, who will your vote for and why. Let us know in the comments and follow it in our Official Discussion Thread.

A BIG thank you to Dharmageddon for the images today, despite his PC blowing up and still managed to get the new images created.

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