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DarkUFO - Lost

Hey there Lost fans! G-Man here for a special announcement.

Since I did not receive any emails or read any comments that presented a sure-fire argument for any further point adjustments to our scores for the Season 5 finale, our previously listed winners are now our official Top 3!

Congratulations to MapleLeaf50's Team O'Lost, Keamy's Team of Killers and Sawmond. They finished first, second and third respectively. As the top three contestants in this year's LFL, they earn some fabulous prizes:

FIRST PLACE: Mapleleaf50's Team O'Lost
PRIZE: Season 5 DVD and Soundtrack

SECOND PLACE: Keamy's Team of Killers
PRIZE: Season 5 DVD

PRIZE: Season 5 Soundtrack

Sign-ups for the Season 6 Lost Fantasy League will be coming soon!

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