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Update: 25th July Predications are now closed. Any submissions from now on won't count.
Update: 15th July 1000+ Signups.
Update: 21st June 600+ Signups.

Well with the Season 5 Prediction League completed we are now taking submissions for the Season 6 Prediction League. Thanks to everyone for their suggestions, some of which I have used in the new League. The prizes will be the same as last season.

1st Place - Season 6 DVD and Season 6 Soundtrack
2nd Place - Season 6 DVD
3rd Place - Season 6 Soundtrack

Also a MASSIVE thanks to Matt from http://www.dawgsled.com for his awesome and speedy help on getting the form up and running.

1) Only 1 entry per person or you will be DISQUALIFIED.
2) You MUST use a valid email address otherwise you will not be eligible for the prize.
3) You can see the Points Categories below.
4) Please feel free to let your friends on other messages know so that they can participate.
5) The "Previously on Lost" segment never counts in any of our competitions.
6) You can change your picks up until the time we close the submissions, which is currently the 1st August. If however we start getting lots of spoilers we will close the Submissions. So get your submissions in sooner rather than later.

Submit your Predictions Here

Let us know in the comments which predictions where the tough 50/50 calls.

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