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Here is the Episode 5.15 - Follow The Leader recap from Erika Olson (aka "e") from LongLiveLocke.com.

What's nice about flashback-free, heavy-on-the-action episodes like “Follow the Leader” is that they’re a blast to watch, yet easy to dissect. Which is especially good news for me, since – as those of you connected to me on Facebook and/or Twitter know – the lower level of my condo flooded with nasty sewer water two hours before the show came on last Wednesday, and I've been dealing with the cleanup ever since. I'm pretty sure Smokey had something to do with it.

Rather than focusing on any one character, the penultimate episode of Season Five spent all of its time on the Island, switching back and forth between the events of 1977 and those of the present day (by Lost’s calendar). I’m going to cover the scenes set in the past first, then the Locke-driven segments, and then end by slightly amending the Finale Theories I included in my last post.

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