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Update: 22nd May Here is the updated table now that we have collated over 34,800 votes, which makes The Incident the most voted for ever episode.
Update: 15th May I've updated the details below now that we have over 25,000 votes in. I'll do another update next week after we have all the UK votes in.

Here is the latest table after the first 13,500+ votes from last nights episodes. As you can see The Incident is currently the 3rd highest rated Episode from Season 5. The average marks put Season 5 as the highest rated Season. I'll update the table next week when we have more votes in.

Season 3 Episode Average: 4.14
Season 4 Episode Average: 4.31
Season 5 Episode Average: 4.39

Agree/Disagree with this or other episodes placement?

Table Update: 22nd May 2009

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