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For some reason, these lack of action type episodes seem to go by faster than those where everything's happening quickly. Whatever Happened Happened was a good episode, presented in our well-loved oldschool LOST flashback format. It's also now my favorite Kate-centric episode. Things I Noticed:

Do You See What I See? Probably Not.
Not me, mind you... but the characters on LOST. Know what they see? Only what they need to see. Or more specifically, only what they need to be shown. Which is why when Jin turns little Ben over, the bullet hole in his zip-down hoodie is now on the exact opposite side of his chest - on the other side of the zipper. It's not even close, it's a complete mirror image of the spot where Sayid drilled him precisely through the heart.

Continuity error? Maybe on 24. But this is LOST, and we're seeing exactly what the island wants us to see, through Jin's eyes. But through the eyes of Sayid? For him the bullet went right through the kid's heart - no need for a coup de grace. And this, my friends, is how the island isn't so much manipulating the events or happenings we see from week to week. What's being manipulated are the perceptions and experiences of the characters on LOST, and yes, even the flashbacks. I'll go further nuts on this at the end of my review, but for anyone still dangling from that last thin thread of the continuity argument? It just snapped.

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