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Please give a big warm DarkUFO welcome to our latest addition to the site. Lyndsey who has been a successful blogger in her own right has decided to start writing some articles for us over here at DarkUFO. She will write a LOST With Lyndsey column each week where she looks at key issues and discussions across the fandom, and she will also be giving joining our team of recappers due to J.Wood not having time this season to write.

So without further ado I'll let Lyndsey introduce herself, followed by here first "LOST With Lyndsey"

Remember those people in your high school literature class who were always piping up about how meaningful everything was? The ones who insisted on beginning their brilliant and inspired examinations of every mundane nuance of a novel with phrases like, “Metaphorically speaking,” or “The allegorical nature of this story is so evident when…”

Yeah, that was me. I was totally that annoying girl who kept the class after the bell because I wasn’t done pontificating on Dickens’ use of shadows and darkness in “A Tale of Two Cities.”

Not much has changed. I still insist that life is filled to the brim with layers upon layers of foreshadowing, double entendre, and synchronicity; all just waiting to be uncovered.
If we ever meet and you have the distinct impression that I’m scrutinizing your every move and intonation, you’re probably right.
It’s actually really irritating, which is why I don’t have many friends and in turn, have plenty of time to watch and investigate every facet of “Lost.” These are my findings.

“Communication is merely the consequence, not the cause nor the primary purpose of concept-formation—a crucial consequence, of invaluable importance to men, but still only a consequence. Cognition precedes communication; the necessary precondition of communication is that one have something to communicate” Ayn Rand

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