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Thanks to B3RT4 for the heads up.

Hey, the German Amazon has posted a track list for the season 4 soundtrack. I couldn't find it on amazom.com or amazon.co.uk so I hope it's accurate.

1. Giving Up The Ghost
2. Locke'ing Horns
3. Lost Away - Or Is It?
4. Backgammon Gambit
5. Time And Time Again
6. The Constant
7. Maternity Hell
8. Karma Jin-itiative
9. Ji Yeon
10. Michael's Right To Remain
11. Bodies And Bungalows
12. Benundrum
13. Hostile Negotiations
14. Locke-about
15. There's No Place Like Home
16. Nadia On Your Life
17. C4-titude
18. Of Mice And Ben
19. Keamy Away From Him
20. Timecrunch
21. Can't Kill Keamy
22. Bobbing For Freighters
23. Locke Of The Island
24. Lying For The Island
25. Landing Party
26. Hoffs-drawler

Additionally it says that the soundtrack will be released on April 30.

Source: Amazon.de

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