DarkUFO - Lost

Update: 6th May Thanks to a DarkUFO reader for sending us a link that allows you to play samples of ALL the tracks. Remember you can now order the Season 4 Soundtrack here at Amazon

Full Sample Playlist

You can now pre-order the Season 4 Soundtrack here at Amazon.

It will be released on 12th May 2009 for the price of $13.99. If you pre-order and the price drops, you get the lower price, and if it increases you get the price that you pre-ordered at :) So get pre-ordering.

Thanks to Jim for the heads up on some samples from the CD.

01. Lost Away — Or Is It?
02. Maternity Hell
03. There’s No Place Like Home
04. Keamy Away From Him
05. Bobbing For Freighters

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