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Hey All,
Happy LOST Day!!

As always I want to thank all of you for waiting so patiently for this week's podcast. We dealt with several different glitches, but every thing worked out well and you actually get an extended podcast that is over 2 hours long!!

Yes, I know on the day of the episode, you might not be able to listen to the whole thing, but as you can see we had a ton to great stuff to talk about and analyze. Once again LOST recapper Vozzek69 joined Karen and I to break down Episode 5x14 The Variable.

We covered all of the key moments of Daniel's flashback, the shocking moment with Daniel being shot by his own mom, the fact Widmore is Dan's father, why both Hawking and Widmore sent Daniel to the island, and much much more!!

There is a preview of episode 5x15 followed with some of the latest spoilers.

The podcast is available on iTunes or you can use the link below for the audio player and download link.

Hope you all enjoy!!


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