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Who is John Locke? There are many different ways to answer that question. The easy answer is that John Locke is the greatest character ever to grace our television screens. While that statement may be true, the answer is not quite complete and certainly not satisfying. So, who is John Locke? When Locke first entered the spotlight in Season One’s Walkabout, he set out on a journey of self-discovery. One would expect that an ordinary man would come to understand himself pretty well after fifty years, but Locke is still trying to find his identity. He features in every scene of Episode 5.07 The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham, as he interacts with characters both young and old, around the globe. Each of those characters offers him a different look into the mirror, to help him answer that same question he set out to answer before boarding Oceanic Flight 815. Who is John Locke? As the episode begins, newcomers Caesar and Ilana set out to understand this mystery man before them. He has a name. He has memories. Even after all of his experiences, I doubt that John himself could offer an answer to that question.

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