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You'd think an episode containing flashbacks, time-traveling, and jumping between the island and the mainland storylines might get pretty complicated. Nah. This is Season 5, and if you're still here by now you're dedicated and die hard. The Little Prince was one of LOST's transition episodes designed to bring everyone together in a certain spot or put them where they need to be in order to advance the storyline. Past episodes like that have been pretty mediocre... but then again past episodes haven't given us Danielle Rousseau's crew, the return of Jin, and Hurley in a giant orange jumpsuit! Things I Noticed:

Hey, wanna lie to millions of people? Okay, can I keep this baby? Sure! (High-Five!)
Alright, so it didn't go down exactly like that. Here again (for some reason) the writers feel the need to show us the origin of the big O6 lie. But we also see the moment where Kate decides to keep and raise Aaron. At this point we already know they're doomed to fail, but in retrospect we knew this the moment Claire's creepy psychic insisted her baby never, EVER be raised by another. Oops.

Perhaps the origin of Jack and Kate's off-island relationship is show here as well. Kate's assertion that she's "always been with" Jack brings us back to the more innocent days of S1 and S2 where she backed pretty much any decision Jack made. Her words also infer the romantic ties that we'll see later on. Since the beginning of LOST, I've always thought Kate would end up with Jack. I've since changed my mind. Just as these characters were never meant to leave the island, Jack and Kate's attempt at being together was never meant to happen. Can you handle another Matrix parallel? The off-island world we've seen these past two seasons is nothing but our six main characters living in a bogus world - a timeline that never should've spawned - 'another life' that none of them ever should have ever had, and cannot continue within. I also think that whatever 'repair' happens after they return to the island will cause this timeline to never have existed at all, nullifying Jack and Kate's entire relationship, making it nothing but a holodeck fantasy with an unhappy ending.

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