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Hey All,
First of all thanks to those of you that sent in messages about the iTunes downloading "glitch" earlier today. It felt good to know that so many of you were concerned and wanted to listen. It seems like all is now ok with iTunes, so feel free check out this new podcast there. If you have any problems or issues please let us know.

Now on to the episode and what a great one it was. This week's episode was a fast-paced episode that including several easter eggs and parallel's to season one, which means that once again Karen and I had a ton to talk about.

We provide you with our thoughts about the Lampost, the behavior of certain characters, Man of Science v Man of Faith, "Game" theory like Desmond suggests, the similarities and differences between flights 815 and 316, the reveal of Jin in a Dharma outfit and more!!

As always after the recap we provide you with a preview of this week's Episode 5x07 and provide you with a summary of recent spoilers.

In case you can not access iTunes, below is a link to the audio in a player along with a download link.

NOTE: The spoilers portion begins at the 75 minute mark.

Hope you all enjoy!!


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