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Here we are, two weeks and three episodes into Lost's 5th season and we're already on a record-setting pace for points in the Fantasy League! Our current leader is now 1,100 points shy of the overall total earned by last year's champion lostobsessed. At the rate these episodes are accruing points, we'll pass that mark by mid-season!

So what did "Jughead" do for your Fantasy Team? The answer is either very good or very bad- I think the only episode to involve fewer League Characters was "The Constant!" Be sure to check out all of the content below (and check out the latest audio update right here on your left) because there were a number of points adjustments and rule amendments made over the last week. Most characters came out of these adjustments for the better but be sure to read up on the changes because they will probably come into play a lot more this season.

Also, be sure to read through the official LFL Rule book, posted at the end of this post. If you have any questions or think we missed some points, please let us know by emailing us at LFLquestions@gmail.com. We will do our best to get back to you as promptly as possible. Also, before emailing us your questions, be sure to read through all of the rules and important point rulings as most of the answers to your questions can found there.

And as promised, here is the offical LFL rule book. Happy reading!

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