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I hope you all enjoyed episode six "316" as much as I did!! What an episode! How do you think you did in the Season and Weekly game of the LNG? With the episode swap did it "spoil" people's points? Check out all of the results below.

I decided to apply the New points system 1 week early for the weekly game to make it more interesting. You can find the post about the new point system here.

LNG Weekly Game Prize for Episode 5x08
I am very proud to announce that on Wednesday the LNG Weekly will have a prize for Episode 5x08 (not the episode coming up). The people at LostTees have kindly offered to give the winner one of their cool and original LOST T-shirts.

So please check their site out at http://losttees.com and have a look at some of their cool T-shirt designs. More news on this and the prize entry form after episode 5x07 airs on Wednesday!

As always you can find the 5x07 Entry form below and the results for 5x06.

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