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Hey fellow losties, CJ SONIC here once again with the results of this weeks LOST Numbers Game. Episode 3 - Jughead was another great example of why LOST is one of the best shows on TV. A very desmond centric episode with his journey to find Daniel's mother, and our favourite islanders getting thrown back and forward in time.

Below is all of the results for the Weekly Game and the Main Competition. Check out the video blog below for a more in depth look at the episode and the results of the LNG (and i've thrown in a LOST NEWS segment to add a bit of fun to the episode).

The entry form for Episode 4 of the LNG is also below. You can find more information at http://lostnumbersgame.blogspot.com/ or you can contact me at: CJSONIC.LNG@googlemail.com.

Enjoy 5x04 and speak to you all in the next few days.

Youtube Link - LNG VideoCast 2

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