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Here is Anna's (FourToedFoot.com) recap for Episode 5x05 This Place is Death. She mentioned she was very inspired by this episode and it led to some length to her post so I hope you all enjoy!

Readers beware. This is a long one...

INTRO: Fascination Street

I am constantly amazed at the ability of LOST’s creatives to weave very heavy-handed symbolism seamlessly into the storyline and still leave enough room for one’s referential head to spin off its axis. Perhaps it’s because they tend to pack multiple layers into each episode, and this week’s high-tension offering “This Place is Death” was an exceptional example of the show at its mythological best. What a treat, like an overstuffed Pandora’s Box chocked full of monsters and visions, ghosts and demons, bringers of illusion, and perpetual darkness. But on LOST we are never served up one extreme without the other, as light eventually circles the void left by the carnage, reminding us of one of the fundamental themes of the show overall. That is, the nature of life exists within these dualities and there is no escaping the other side of the mirror. It would seem this episode especially is meant to remind us that as above, so below.

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