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Beyond Belief by Luhks

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Beginning with the initial episodes of Season One, Lost has been preoccupied with the idea of revisiting the past. The prevailing episode structure, designed around flashbacks for a single character, explored the connections between a character’s history and the present. As the story expanded, the show began to revisit its own past in different ways, by crafting a web of literal and metaphorical connections between each of its characters. Lost adopts the position that no character can be understood in a fixed point in space and time, but only in relation to the character’s past and to other characters. Season Five’s The Lie and Jughead adopt a new structure, which contains only a single flashback in the opening scene. The on-island events of the episode still take the viewer into history, but through the storytelling device of time travel rather than flashback. The resulting structure has a contradictory effect on the narrative: the relationship between the island characters and the past become quite literal; the relationship between the island story and the off-island story becomes more figurative.

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