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Update: 4th Jan It now looks like the only people having issues now are Sky Users. Read Here

Update: 4th Jan It appears that a number of users are now reporting that direct access is now working. If you are still having problems can you email me or leave a comment below.

Update: 4th Jan For those still have trouble. Try this site to access the forums.

Update: 19:00 For those still having problems, it looks one of the DNS servers at our hosts is experiencing some issues. The admins are aware and are trying to fix it. Hopefully it will be working again soon. I'll keep you posted.
NOTE: This would also affect Non-UK viewers as well.

Update: 12:00 A large number of users are reporting that using OpenDNS fixes their problems.

Update: 3rd Jan For those who cannot access the forum directly. Can you go to this site What is My IP and then email me the IP address. I'll then send this to the Server Admins to see if your blocked for some reason.

Update: Some users have emailed in saying this fixed their problem.

We did have an DNS issue earlier and you could try clearing your computer DNS cache...
(click) Start > (click) Run > (type) cmd (press enter) > (type) ipconfig /flushdns (press enter)
This will force your computer to re-check the DNS and hopefully bring back the updated DNS information.

This is for UK only users please. Can you try to access this link below and let me know if you are able to see the forums.

Forum Link

It seems a number of UK users are having issues.

If you are having trouble you try going to


And put the forum address in and see if that works.


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