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I'm back! Dark's back! (well, Dark never really left) And most importantly LOST is back... which means one thing of course: we can finally stop watching Tool Academy (or not!) and get on with our lives. I always dread not having LOST for months on end, but when the new season starts up I'm always amazed at how fast the time has flown by. Damn, I think I'm just getting old. In any case I've missed you guys, missed doing the recaps, and haven't had the time to keep up on a single spoiler - which I must say contributed to the incredible shock and awe of watching these first two amazing episodes. So raise a glass, and here's to two more seasons of the most ass-kicking television since 'Hole in the Wall' aired. But before I get into the Things I Noticed, a quick foreword to start the season:

Once Upon a Time Someone Said...
"I believe the island is a sticky ball rolling through time and space, picking up objects and people along the way". - Vozzek's Theory of Everything, June 2007

I first wrote that on the imdb message boards, way before 6/07 and even before I started recapping. You wouldn't believe the amount of crap I took for this theory back then. People hated on me, much the same way they would've hated on LOST's writers if they tried to spring it back then. Time travel is a hard pill for most viewers to swallow, which is why the writers and producers could only hint at it for the first few seasons. In S4 we only saw mental evidence of it, and only this season do we finally see full-blown physical time traveling of the people, places, and things on the island.

Well I think it's an awesome angle, and the way they slow-played us with it was even better still. It was truly the best way to do it. With the time travel cat finally out of the bag, the larger pieces of LOST's puzzle can start falling into place (and more importantly, staying there). As the show rolled on and the weirdness kept coming, a time anomaly became one of the only ways to explain the circulature and repetitiveness of the story arc. It certainly doesn't explain all of the show's mysteries - not by a long shot - but it definitely lays the groundwork for the final two seasons.

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