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Hey All,

So we waited months and months to finally watch the Season 5 premiere of LOST and now we can not wait until Wednesday for Episode 5x03!!

In our latest podcast, Karen and I try to make sense of all the crazy goodness that appeared in the first two hours of the season and provide you with our thoughts about all the key scenes.

Since we are back to our standard weekly format, at the end of the podcast we provide you with a little preview of what to expect in Episode 5x03.

Also, I wanted to thank all of you out there that have sent in questions for Jorge Garcia (Hurley) who will join us this week for the podcast after Episode 5x03. They are all great questions and hopefully we will be able to ask as many as possible.

If you have not sent in a question please feel free to email them to: mrtheodi@gmail.com

The podcast was uploaded to iTunes yesterday, but if you can not access it there, you can use the link below to listen via the audio player or download the audio.

Hope you all enjoy!!

NOTE: The preview for Episode 5x03 with SPOILERS begins at the 55 Minute mark.


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