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OMGWTFPOLARBEAR!!! I mean, seriously, holy frozen donkey wheels Lost fans! We've done it! After an eight-month Hiatus we're just hours away from the Season 5 premier of Lost. For me, the time seemed to fly by so quickly. How was it for you?

Since we're back in action, I wanted to let you know that every Monday we'll be posting the Fantasy Updates for the LFL. That means come Monday, January 26, you'll be able to find out how your teams are doing after the first two weeks of the season. Also worth mentioning is the fact that the clip show preceding the two brand new episodes of Lost will not count for points.

Now we turn our attention to the last LFL character group to be analyzed. It's the Oceanic 6 plus Desmond and Ben. That's right, the big guns who are off the Island and are likely to show up one way or another week in and week out. Who did I like and who do I think will let you down? Read on to find out.

REMINDER: Do not post spoilers in the comments section. The following predictions and prognostications are based on purely spoiler-free speculation. While I have read some spoilers in the lead up to Season 5, no spoilers or anything remotely spoilerish will be revealed here, so please do not let anything that you know slip. Let’s respect the fans that have gone 100% spoiler-free.

And one last time for good measure, here's the rule book!

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