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Hey there Lost fans! Can you believe that we're only ONE WEEK away from the return of Lost?

As many of you know, the return of Lost means the return of the Lost Fantasy League! Dig into the depths of your inboxes and dust off your Fantasy Team selections- the time to shine is coming! After the success of the Season 4 LFL, we've made things bigger and better this time around. Who is going to win it all?

Now as we get closer to gametime, I thought I would share my thoughts on each character in this year's League. Over the next eight days I will reveal my predictions for each of the character groups. Did you make a good choice or a bad choice? Will your Fantasy Team perform admirably or crumble into oblivion? We can't know for sure, but here is what I've been thinking:

REMINDER: Do not post spoilers in the comments section. The following predictions and prognostications are based on purely spoiler-free speculation. While I have read some spoilers in the lead up to Season 5, no spoilers or anything remotely spoilerish will be revealed here, so please do not let anything that you know slip. Let’s respect the fans that have gone 100% spoiler-free.

In case you haven't seen it yet, here's the official Season 5 rule book:

I'm looking forward to another great season of Lost and another great year for the Lost Fantasy League!

Namaste and good luck!

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