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Update: 13th May We'll here we are people, the Finale of Season 5 which to me has raced by. We'll be having the Live Chat tonight along with watching the Finale together. Come and join us later for what I'm sure will be another great Lost Finale.

If you can't get to the streams or want to see others thoughts on the episode as it happens, my good friend Steve will be providing an excellent live recap for people with live interaction. You can access the Live Recaps Here

To find out when Lost airs in your timezone visit this site http://tvcountdown.com/. For us in the UK it's on at 2:00am! Another night with no sleep :)

Tonight during each episode you will be able to Chat online with other Lost fans whilst the episode airs. Last year we had a peak of 289 users chatting during the finale as events unfolded. It's a great way to interact with other fans or just to watch/see peoples reactions. Note: The Chat rooms are available 24/7 here at DarkUFO.

Read more about the chat here and some help/info here for beginners. When you are ready click on the link below to go to the Chat Room and make sure you reserve your desired username before someone else grabs it :)

Launch the Chat Here

Warning: We do have a number of moderators online but as with all things Interwebby trolls do exists so beware. Anyone caught posting spoilers, being rude or generally unfriendly will be banned immediately from the Chat, The Web Site and The Forum.

We welcome relevant, respectful comments.
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