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UPDATE 12/28: Several of you want to know how certain spoilers will affect LFL points. For those of you who have spoilerish questions regarding potential point rulings you can ask them on a special thread on the SpoilerTV Forums. Either DarkUFO or I should be able to answer your questions.

Hopefully this post finds you all happy and safe this holiday season! :-)

As you know, the Lost Fantasy League will soon be back in action. We have over 4,800 contestants taking part, over two dozen new characters and a few new point categories for the Season 5 LFL. Those of you who signed up would probably like to know the rules, right? Well Merry Christmas to you!

Below, you will find the new rule book in a fancy online reader format that also allows you to print it out to have conveniently in your own home. Many of the rules have stayed the same, but we have simplified things for you all. Nearly all of the rules are spelled out in a black and white fashion that should leave little to no room for questions and interpretation. If you do have any questions regarding the rulebook, please email them to lflquestions@gmail.com.

As we get closer to the start of Season 5 and the return of the LFL, I'll be posting plenty more goodies for you all to enjoy, including me putting my hit-or-miss prognostication skills to work and determining which characters will help or hurt your Fantasy Teams. Who knows, I may just have another one of my crazy videos in store for you as well! Until then, however, namaste and good luck!

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