DarkUFO - Lost

Today will mark the end of Round 3, with the first of the quarter final polls due to begin tomorrow. A big congrats to yesterday's winners, the Hatch Door, Hurley's Lottery Ticket, Black Rock Wreckage, and the Fail Safe Key. The fuselage wreckage missed out by just 2 votes, ouch!

Poll 1 brings us a selection of character owned props. This tough line up includes Jacob's ghostly chair, Sawyer's heartfelt letter, Desmond's sappy photograph, and Eko's biblical stick. I think people may have trouble with this one.

Poll 2 sees last year's 3rd place finalist, the Swan Station Computer, going up against the Circle of Ash, the Ancient Hieroglyphic Door, and Charlie's "F.A.T.E" finger accessories. Which do you like best? Which do you value the most? Which deserve to advance? Get voting.

Please note: Round 3 polls are multiple choice, meaning that you may vote for more than one prop in each poll. Additionally, two props will proceed from each Round 3 poll.

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