DarkUFO - Lost

Congrats to yesterday’s winners, the Hatch Door, the Fail Safe Key, the Swan Station Countdown Timer, and the Black Rock Wreckage. They all advance.

Today’s polls could very well be our toughest yet, but you can be the judge of that.

Poll 1 gives us Charlie’s emotional letter; his Greatest Hits. It also gives us last year’s prop cup winner, Radzinsky’s Blast Door Map. If that wasn’t enough, we also have last year’s 2nd place finalist and runner-up, the Swan Station Orientation Film. To close things up, we have a brand new big-hitter in the form of the Fake 815 Wreckage.

Poll 2 is just as bad, if not worse. It brings us the time-traveling bunnies tutorial; the Orchid Station Orientation Video. Second we have the Ancient Hieroglyphic Door, the source of many an exhaustive debate. Eko’s Stick needs no introduction; it was last year’s 4th place finalist. And finally the Black & White Stones, another strong talking point over the years.

Which will you vote for, and why?

Please note: Round 2 polls are multiple choice, meaning that you may vote for more than one prop in each poll. Additionally, two props will proceed from each Round 2 poll.

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