DarkUFO - Lost

A few tough choices today. Yesterday's winners were the Swan Station Wall Mural, the Circle of Ash, Alpert's Test Items, and Mikhail's Eye Patch. Congratulations to them.

Poll 1 brings us Jacob’s Chair, Ben’s Wooden Doll, the Giant Question Mark, and Locke’s Orange Peel. Can the orange peel possibly compete with the likes of mythology props? Will the sentimentality of the wooden doll carry it through? Time to find out what you think.

Poll 2 sees four big-hitters facing off. We have a map, a photo, a land-vehicle, and an air-vehicle. Will the yellow plane fly through to Round 3? Or will it crash and burn? Can Skeletor’s driving skills steer the Dharma Van safely through to the next round? Does Desmond’s photo still tug at your heart strings? Will Danielle's map find it’s way through to Round 3? Get voting.

Please note: Round 2 polls are multiple choice, meaning that you may vote for more than one prop in each poll. Additionally, two props will proceed from each Round 2 poll.

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